When did you last review your pension arrangements to make sure that they are really working for you?

Whether you’re thinking of moving abroad or have already made the move and live outside the UK, then you have some new options to consider.

A Self Invested Personal Pension SIPP may be worth considering if you wish to keep your pension in the UK. A SIPP provides a wide range of investment funds and flexible income.

International pension schemes could offer greater tax efficiency and benefits. Transferring your UK pension funds to international funds might be a worthwhile move.  UK and International pension arrangements are very different – but all of Scottsdale’s advisers are experienced in both. You can be confident that you will be given all the information and guidance you need to make the right decision.

Whether you are building a pension portfolio or deciding how best to take your pension benefits, living abroad makes a difference.

With Scottsdale you always know exactly what charges and fees you will pay. We will always disclose to you any commissions or fees paid by the companies we recommend.

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A SIPP can often provide greater investment flexibility than traditional company or personal pensions. Find out about the tax benefits of a SIPP here


If you are already living abroad and you have UK pension funds ROPS may be just what you are looking for. Read more about the benefits of ROPS here.


Whether you are still living in the UK or abroad a QNUP will allow you to save for retirement even without any employment income. Find out more about QNUPS here.

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