The Spanish Exit Tax: A Short Guide

Many British people (understandably) dream of their anticipated new life overseas. Yet have you considered what might happen if you leave your country of destination? In Spain, an “Exit Tax” can apply to certain UK citizens when they formally move to another country.

What to look for in an investment portfolio service

For British expats serious about building wealth over the long term, they need to look beyond cash. Although cash can be helpful to achieve certain financial goals (e.g. an emergency fund), the interest rates (even from fixed-rate deals) often do not keep up with inflation – eroding real returns over time.

Can I cash in my army pension?

Pensions can be complex for those in the armed forces. With regular postings overseas, British Army personnel are subject to special rules which differ from those typically applied to British expats (and other non-UK residents).

How to make the most of your wealth as an expat

How do you create long-lasting wealth as a British person living overseas? Having assets and/or income in different countries can add extra considerations to wealth management. For instance, you might need to account for the impact of exchange rates – and different countries’ inflation rates – on the “real” value of your assets.

5 key things to include in a will

A will is important for UK residents, yet for expats it is even more so. With interests and assets based across different countries, it is vital that your loved ones are protected in the event of your death. For Spain-based expats, the last thing you want is for grieving family members to be confused about what your wishes were – and, how the rules apply about inheritance tax (IHT) in Spain and the UK.

Health, income & life protection: a short guide

Do you have a financial safety net ready in case of emergencies? As an expat, the need for a financial protection plan can be even more urgent due to the nature of spending considerable time abroad. What if you need to fly home quickly for a family emergency? What if a serious illness or accident leaves you unable to work and earn money for a significant period? Perhaps your host country and/or local employer is not as generous, say, with sick pay and benefits compared to those in the UK and elsewhere.

Do I need bond funds in my pension?

As an individual nears retirement, it is common to start thinking about “de-risking” their pension(s). In simple terms, this involves moving investments away from volatile ones – e.g. shares which can fluctuate rapidly in price – towards less volatile ones. Bonds are commonly held up as an ideal asset class to move assets into (to achieve de-risking). Yet what are bonds exactly? In particular, how do “bond funds” work and where should they sit within a pension?

Your financial plan in 2024 – key dates to watch

One of the best ways to put more hard-earned money back into your pocket (via tax-efficient planning) is to be well-prepared for key dates in the financial year. Below, our financial advisers offer a summary of the main milestones for British expats to watch in 2024. We also include some thoughts on how these dates could affect your financial plan.

How expats can guard against scams

Living abroad brings wonderful opportunities for work, travel and enriching experiences. Yet it can also leave British expats vulnerable to scams – especially for those surrounded by an unfamiliar culture and language. In the UK alone, 3.5m fraud offences were recorded for the year ending in March 2023. Fewer statistics are available for expats, but it is reasonable to assume that the risk of victimhood is higher.