At Scottsdale we believe in a structured and consistent approach to choosing investments.  We start by taking the time to understand what’s important to you.  How long do you want to invest for? Are you looking for income, for capital growth or a combination of both? What is your tax position?  The next step is to establish your attitude to investment risk and reward. Only then can we begin to research the options available.

Usually we will recommend that you invest in a risk rated portfolio of funds.  These are professionally managed and regularly rebalanced to ensure that they maintain the same risk rating year after year.  The manager will also change holdings to reflect different investment conditions and to replace any under-performing funds.

Investment Managers

We believe that building portfolios and regularly rebalancing them is best done by specialists who concentrate solely on producing consistently good returns within a specific risk profile. Investment managers are not concerned with a client’s personal or financial situation. They do not know the purpose of an investment or the tax status of the client.

This separation of roles allows Scottsdale to concentrate of getting to know clients and to choose the most appropriate investment products for their needs.

With Scottsdale you always know exactly what charges and fees you will pay. We will always disclose to you any commissions or fees paid by the companies we recommend.

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Spanish Compliant Portfolio Bond

These bonds qualify as unit-linked life insurance contracts under Spanish law, find out more about the Spanish Compliant Portfolio Bond here

General Investment Account

One account that holds all of your investments in one place, find out more about this platform here.

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