General Investment Account

What is an Investment Account?

Technology is changing the way financial planning and investment management is delivered for clients and their advisers. ‘Platforms’ have been used for some time in the investment industry to electronically buy and sell investments. Advancements in technology have led to the development of ‘wrap platforms’, offering considerably more functionality and Scottsdale firmly believes that these will be at the centre of delivering financial advice in future.

Online access provides clients and their advisers with online valuations and transaction histories at any time. Many hundreds of authorised investment funds

– both onshore and offshore are available –

including investment trusts, exchange traded funds, equities, bonds and gilts. Many discretionary investment managers use wrap platforms to provide risk rated, multi asset, fund portfolios at significantly reduced cost.

Scottsdale believes that many of its clients are best served by the use of a platform that holds all the client’s investments in one place. The range of investments available, and the ability to easily switch between investments, should result in lower costs and charges throughout the client’s investment term than is illustrated at outset.

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