Financial Advisers in Valencia

Are you a British citizen located in Valencia and looking for financial advice? Our team at Scottsdale focuses our expertise specifically on UK expats in the area.

Regardless of your financial planning needs – such as pension planning, investment advice or estate planning – we are here to help. With experience in both the UK and Spain, our financial planners can help you navigate the tax complexities of both countries to build a robust plan.

At Scottdale, we believe in providing the best quality advice to expats in Spain. Our business is regulated by the UK’s financial services regulator, the FCA, as well as other European official bodies – holding us to the highest professional standards.

Our Valencia-based financial advisers want to ensure that clients are comfortable with them, and our process here at Scottsdale, before working together. That is why we offer a free, no-commitment initial meeting to our expat clients, so we can get to know each other – understanding your situation and goals.


Why Choose Us?

There are many UK financial advisers, but few specialise in British expats based in Spain. At Scottsdale, we are immersed in the cultures, languages, tax rules and finer details of both nations – enabling us to confidently impart excellent insights and guidance to expats living here.

It can be challenging for British people in Valencia to find a financial adviser who is accountable to British standards in financial services, who understands the complexities of bulding cross-border wealth (in Spain and the UK) and who can relate to the unique expat experience. At Scottsdale, however, you can find that rare combination right here!


How We Help

As financial planners, one of our primary roles is to help British expats in Valencia to fully understand where there current financial position is – highlighting opportunities and risks as they consider their next steps.

It is very difficult for the typical British expat to have an up-to-date, comprehensive grasp of taxation and regulations in the UK and Spain (and how these relate to one another) when building an international financial plan. Language can be a barrier and laws are subject to change. With a dedicated expat financial adviser, however, clients in Valencia can rest assured that a specialist is there to offer clarity, insight and peace of mind on these matters.

Our team can help you craft a holistic financial plan which accounts for all areas of your wealth and finances, unifying them under a common strategy and set of goals. We can also assist with particular areas of financial planning, if you have a pressing matter to attend to, including:

Pension & retirement planning
International pension transfers and consolidation
Investment planning
Tax planning
Estate planning & inheritance tax
Financial protection planning (e.g. life insurance and private medical insurance)
Repatriation and financial planning

We have a very intuitive, client-friendly process. Everything starts with getting to know you over a conversation. We talk about your current position, what you want to achieve and some of the barriers that are blocking your progress.

After the initial consultation, we can start conducting a more in-depth analysis of your wealth and finances – plotting a course to address issues and move you in the right direction. The plan we put together brings the various strands of your “financial life” together – e.g. pensions, savings and investments – under a single plan to make everything work coherently.

Once our plan is put to you (and understand it and are happy to proceed), we can start implementing it. This might involve tracking down lost pensions, refining an investment portfolio and building a set of protection policies to buttress your finances if you befall hard times.

Over time, we regularly review the progress of your financial plan and meet with you periodically to talk about how things are going. We can then agree on some key steps to keep everything “on course” (e.g. rebalancing a portfolio to keep reflecting your chosen asset allocation).

Interested in starting a conversation? Get in touch to arrange your free, no-commitment consultation with one of our financial advisers in Murcia.

We look forward to meeting you!



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This communication is for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute, and should not be construed as investment advice, investment recommendations or investment research. You should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in this communication is correct, it is subject to change, and we are not responsible for any errors or omissions.

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