How expats can guard against scams

Living abroad brings wonderful opportunities for work, travel and enriching experiences. Yet it can also leave British expats vulnerable to scams – especially for those surrounded by an unfamiliar culture and language. In the UK alone, 3.5m fraud offences were recorded for the year ending in March 2023. Fewer statistics are available for expats, but it is reasonable to assume that the risk of victimhood is higher.

A short guide to regular savings for expats

How do you best save money when moving to Spain? British expats have a range of options when it comes to building up an emergency fund and saving for a short-term financial goal (e.g. a mortgage deposit).

The Autumn Budget – what does it mean for expats?

The UK Chancellor released his latest Autumn Statement on Friday 24 November 2023. It contained a host of interesting budget measures for the government. Some of the announced changes – such as “sweetening voters” by cutting National Insurance – have even led to speculation that the government could be preparing for an early general election in 2024.

Britain & Spain – a fun cultural comparison

Britain and Spain are two fascinating countries. One of the benefits of being a UK expat in Murcia, Alicante or other Spanish regions is that you can witness the two cultures close up. Often, there are funny moments when mistranslations and innocent misunderstandings happen. Recounting some of the key similarities and differences between Britain and Spain can be entertaining but also informative.

What is foreign exchange and how do I navigate it?

Foreign exchange, also sometimes called FOREX or FX, is a crucial part of the lifeblood of the global economy – keeping commerce, travel and trade moving. On a personal level, moreover, foreign exchange can have a big impact on an individual’s wealth and finances. This is especially true for British expats living in Spain and other foreign countries, which often involves regularly changing currencies (e.g. pound sterling to euros).