Ethical investing: a short guide

Lots of people are attracted to the idea of “ethical investing”. Yet what is it exactly? How do you get started with building an ethical portfolio? The subject can seem more overwhelming to British expats living in Spain, since it may be less clear what your options are regarding investment opportunities and platforms (compared to a UK resident).

Diversification: why it matters to investors

Diversification may sound like a complex word. Yet, at its heart, it is talking about “spreading out your risk” when choosing investments. It is a vital principle to building and growing a portfolio over time. Below, our Murcia financial advisers here at Scottsdale explain how diversification works, why it matters to investors and how expats can apply the principles to their portfolios.

Should I invest in Britain, Spain or globally?

One of the benefits of being a UK expat is that you often intuitively grasp that there is a world “beyond Britain”. Opportunities in culture, food, relationships and travel exist outside our own shores. Yet does the same hold true for investing? Should you invest mainly in the UK as a British expat, or overseas?

How to start investing as a UK expat

Living abroad can present a unique opportunity to start investing – especially if your income is high and your living costs are low compared to the UK (e.g. Italy, Greece and Spain). However, how do you start investing as a British expat?